First Colonia Cryptic Location Search Announced

In association with the First Great Expedition and the Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research (IGER), Cmdr Wishblend has formally announced the next Cryptic Location Search will be held right here in Colonia at the start of the New Year.


The first such search was held earlier this year and tasked pilots with finding nine separate locations based on a particularly complex set of clues provided at the start of the event. Pilots shot in from all over the galaxy, and from all reports the experience was certainly one to remember.

Determined to keep pushing the concept forward, Colonia seemed like an obvious choice for running the next event. It may have something to do with the way so many people have found themselves here, but it seems that pilots around Colonia just can’t resist a good mystery. This, coupled with the massive influx of new pilots already on the way as part of the Christmas Carriers Convoy, should combine to make this event both exciting and popular.

Kicking off on January 10th 3303 at 19:30 hours (IGT), pilots will be asked to meet at Colonia Hub where all the necessary clues will be provided and the participants sent on their way. These clues will send Commanders all over the Colonia Nebula in search of interesting locations specially selected for the event.

The Nebula is quite a big place and locations won’t be limited to space or stellar bodies either; participants will also be required to get down and dirty on planet surfaces, so along with a fuel scoop, pilots will certainly want to have their SRVs fuelled up and ready.


Colonia Hub; where the search begins (Pic: Cmdr Maximilian Reach)

The aim is to provide not only a fascinating little mystery for pilots to solve, but also a chance for both old faces and new arrivals to see some of the most fascinating sights that our home has to offer.

Wishblend had this to say regarding the event:

I created it for two reasons. One, to get Commanders to look at the nice things to be discovered, and two, to have some fun while doing it. I am hoping that everyone who will take part will have a great time trying to crack the cryptic locations.”

There will be a total of twenty cryptic locations for pilots to discover, with the first pilot to crack the code and report their findings receiving not only some well-earned prizes in the form of a mission patch and some cool new paintwork, but also the prestigious title of Cryptic Location Master!

The first two runner up placers will also be receive some new paint work and decals for their ships as well.


Mission patch for the event

This is a fantastic opportunity for all pilots looking to see the sights around Colonia and participate in a unique experience, all while hopefully making some new friendships and possibly winning some swag to boot!

You’ll find all the relevant information and sign up procedures here.

Good luck Commanders and happy hunting!


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