The Starport Folio Week 7: Nebula Edition

Sparks here! This week’s edition will be dedicated purely to nebulae.

We’ve done several articles dedicated to a certain subject in the past, but this is one subject we haven’t thoroughly covered. I hope you all enjoy it! Explore. Create. Inspire


Inside the halo of a ringed water world a nebula gleams in the background. It is our very own Colonia Nebula; glowing ominously, setting the mood for an eerie mining run. A lone Orca mining in a lawless district must work just to fly another day.

unknownEol Prou IW-W e1-2041
Photography credit: Cmdr Bob Dobilina

The Dark Wolf

Some believe that everything living and nonliving was once nothing more than dust in the vast vacuum of space. Out within the depths of the galaxy lies a nebula made up of this dust. Illuminating the sky in deep purple, an explorer readies his camera.

agnainks_xz-s_c6-3534_20161116-022619Agnainks XZ-S c6-3534
Photography credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe

Jaded Ruby

When pursuing only the finest of metals, a metallic ring is your friend. A ringed water world, shrouded by the reddish-green glow of the nebula.

myriesly_qy-q_c18-6994_20161123-033818Myriesly QY-Q c18-6994
Photography credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe


A gem in space – the teal-hued nebula. In the center of the system a black hole tells the story of a dying star. It’s an explorer’s duty to discover; but it’s sights like these that really make us think.

screenshot_86DRYAA FLYI FH-U E3-9159
Photography credit: Cmdr Toska


Among every explorer’s worst fears is failing to see a black hole upon jumping into a system. In a nebula like this, where darkness engulfs you in every corner, you can only hope to be lucky enough to notice the lack of light before it’s too late. A black hole, hidden within a sapphire-coloured nebula.

screenshot_47EODGORPH PI-T E3-21
Photography credit: Cmdr Toska

This will be the last Starport Folio of 3302.

As for me, a long-awaited voyage awaits and I won’t be returning until mid January. In the meantime, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who read the Starport Folio every week, and I hope to see you all again!

Until next time, Sparks out.


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