A Week In Greater Colonia

The Colonia Nebula’s latest economic and political news

Guest contributor: Walter Wall
Thursday 8th December, 3302


Insurgency foiled

Eol Prou VY-R D4-443: Presumably in an attempt to take advantage of a sudden and unexplained upswing in support, The Tang Clan attempted a violent overthrow of the system management, Colonia Research Department. Timely development of innovative weapons capabilities meant that the coup was defeated and the control of the system retained. Although all support for the Tang Clan was dispersed, a modest revival in its fortunes have been noticed over the past couple of days.

Another pointless war

Eol Prou LW-L C8-306: The Jaques faction had its hands full in a less publicised war against Milanov’s Reavers. Both sides lost influence during the conflict and it concluded with no change of asset control – just misery for those involved.

More conflict on the horizon

Eol Prou LW-L C8-76: The criminal element Brian’s Thugs seem to be making substantial progress – some unknown force is propelling them toward conflict with the system controller, the Colonia Co-operative. This was no mean effort as the Thugs were in lockdown for most of the week. Now the situation is reversed and the Colonia Co-operative’s lacklustre performance is pushing them into the same predicament: Lockdown looms for the Colonia Cooperative.

Eol Prou YD-W B17-1: Another anarchist faction on the way up: The Crimson Blade has apparently gained some dedicated supporters while both Jaques and the Colonia Research Department plan to open offices in the system. A word to the wise – don’t take your eye off the home players while you’re scanning the horizon for pastures new.

And what’s going on at Jaques?

Earlier in the week the Colonia Council’s stock surged for a day or two and it looked to be in a position to challenge Jaques for control of his own starport. But towards the end of the week it looks like Jaques’ supporters rallied and reversed the position.


Jaques Station (image courtesy of the Fuel Rats)

Perhaps is was just the selling of exploration data and the arrival of rare travel brochures that broke the pattern. This will definitely be one to watch in the coming week.

The Colonia Council’s strategic planning needs some attention. It recently failed to Expand from Gru Hypue KS-T D3-31. Not a surprising result as this station is on the Colonia Highway from the Bubble, and there isn’t another station for thousands of light years. So they decided to invest in another Expansion – from the same location.

Economic monitors needed

Our highly trained staff can’t be everywhere. There’s more ground that we have ears for and there aren’t enough eyes for all the keyholes.

We would like to enlist some Colonia Casuals – scouts who spend at least some of their time in the greater Colonia region and who can report back to us on the pending states of the factions in the systems they might visit when they’re at home. The information we need is readily found – no need to land anywhere, just visit the system. No need to commit to this – we will enrol enough Casuals to keep the database up to date while you’re away.

Prospective candidates should contact @Walter Wall on CCN.


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