Cartography Report: More Mushrooms Found In The Eol Prou Sector

A CCN Exploration Wing Member by the name of Augustus Faraday has made a remarkable discovery: a binary pair of rocky moons both of which sport mushroom towers similar to those found initially on Colonia 3 C A.


Cmdr Augustus Faraday’s Imperial Fighter soon after discovery

While there have been a few other reports from pilots regarding similar finds, this is the first time that the mushrooms have been found in any sort of concentration.  This has lead to speculation that the fungus may be capable of spreading to nearby moons or planets, possibly even hitchhiking on ships that land nearby.


Cmdr Augustus Faraday exploring one of the mushroom locations

The Mushroom Spires can be found at EOL PROU UD-S D4-323 3 A (Coordinates: 19.10 / 62.54) and EOL PROU UD-S D4-323 3 B (Coordinates: -40.50 / 85.32).  It remains to be seen if the EOL PROU sector or the Colonia Nebula is the possible birthplace of these hardy fungi varieties, but the locations here are definitely worth a visit for explorers and scientists alike.


So far the fungi have all been found in canyons or areas of geological activity

Commander Alesia signing off.



One thought on “Cartography Report: More Mushrooms Found In The Eol Prou Sector

  1. Hey Alesia, thanks for sharing this. I’m doing some follow-up research to verify and cross reference these growth sites. I’m putting together a spreadsheet here, which includes your own find at Colonia:

    Part of this process involves verifying each report, so I am flying out to these areas (or if others can verify too that would help), just to make sure the data set is reliable.

    I was able to successfully verify EOL PROU UD-S D4-323 3 A, but I could not find the ‘shrooms at 3 B. I’ve scouted out a 10km radius around -40.50 / 85.32 and could not see anything.

    Is it possible there was a transcription error, I look forward to being able to visit and verify this data.

    Keep up the good work, maybe we’ll bump into one another in-game!


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