A Better Class Of Criminal -The Notable Beginnings Of The Screaming Eagles

Despite our surroundings, life out in space is seldom black and white. There are many pilots and organizations who act in ways contrary to what most would consider to be fair and honorable. Some of these groups act in secrecy, while others boast proudly and make their activities known. It’s natural that such groups may find themselves among the initial colonists of Colonia, hoping to either make a name for themselves or extend their existing influence.

The Screaming Eagles is one of these groups and they have submitted the following information in the hopes of creating a better understanding of what it is they do.

We have been asked to first provide the following disclaimer;

The following is intended as a public information campaign to provide the peoples of Colonia with accurate and unbiased information about their very own friendly, honorable, and completely legitimate Wealth Redistribution Organization: The Screaming Eagles. This information is freely provided and without duress by an anonymous author, wholly of their own free will.


Official Logo of the Screaming Eagles

Like most endeavours of note, the origins of the Screaming Eagles are surprisingly simple, beginning with a chance encounter at a backwater colony and eventually leading to the creation of something unexpected.

The group allegedly began around mid-3301 with a fairly legitimate trader conducting standard cargo runs around the bubble. While making a mundane delivery in the Wurango system, Cmdr MesaFalcon in his nondescript white Cobra Skye was plunged out of Supercruise by a chance interdiction. His assailant? The infamous pirate known as Cmdr Colton. Ignorant of the existential threat represented by Colton and his famous sidewinder Triumph, MesaFalcon cut his engines and submitted to the cargo scan. A few tense moments later, Colton revealed that it was MesaFalcon’s lucky day; having miscalculated his cargo capacity the famous commander was unable to acquire any goods from his prey.


The infamous Triumph, piloted by Cmdr Colton


According to MesaFalcon, his career had been like so many others up to this event; simple, direct, and somewhat profitable—often skirting the lines of what would be considered right and wrong. However, this was the moment where everything changed. MesaFalcon decided that if Colton’s cargo hold was full, it would – based on his reputation – most likely be stolen, so why not steal it back? It wasn’t long before an answer to the question presented itself in the form of lasers, explosions, and four tons of re-stolen art. A career in piracy had begun, and MesaFalcon’s first victim had been a feared and notorious pirate.

To this day, if asked, given how things would eventually play out, MesaFalcon still wonders if Colton orchestrated the entire encounter. What we do know is that the story that began on this fateful day ends with Colton as the allegedly unchallenged leader of the Screaming Eagles and MesaFalcon as the Wing Commander of their newly formed Colonia Initiative.


Cmdr Mesa Falcon and his Cobra, Skye

With MesaFalcon currently undertaking a voyage to Jaques over the next few months, we will surely be hearing more stories about the events that followed from within the Screaming Eagles camp. Watch this space citizens, and if the above tale is any indication, it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on your scanners out there too.

Ed note: The Screaming Eagles is a roleplay-based pirate crew operating in the Colonia area and is not a KOS gank squad.  We feature them here because the Gazette supports all player groups that are dedicated to enriching the Colonia experience.


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