Cartography Report: C3E Volcanism 2 : The Core

This week the Cartography report is bringing you a compendium of the volcanism found during the Colonia Core Circuit Expedition for the area around Sagittarius A* and Altum Sagittari. These are listed in no particular order so be sure to check your galaxy map and visit a volcanic location near you!

STUEMEAE KM-W C1-342 1 B Coordinates: -27.8362 / 162.3311 Sagittarius Sink  Found by: Cmdr Alesia


Located on the same moon as Armstrong Landing, the Sagittarius Sink provides a nearby attraction to pilots visiting the historical landing site. The powerful water geysers are capable of launching an SRV several kilometers into the sky.

Hypuae Audst OF-E d12-978 A 2 a Coordinates: 18.29 / -53.03 Barium Heights Found by: Cmdr Lapsang Twobob


Located near Altum Sagittari the Barium Heights Silicate Geyser field spews vibrant green smoke while providing pilots with a stunning view of the core below them, as well as the gas giant the moon closely orbits.

Croomaa RD-A d14-1524 1 A A Coordinates: 7.8748 / -42.7 Cerridwen’s Cauldron Found by: Cmdr Lapsang Twobob


Located between Sagittarius A* and Altum Sagittari, Cerridwen’s Cauldron provides an excellent stopping off point, along with a low view of the galactic disk.

JUENAE VY-J A8-75 1 Coordinates: 33.7815 / 81.82 Darkwater Dive Found by: Cmdr Alesia


Located on an icy body orbiting close to its parent class T Brown Dwarf, Darkwater Dive is a good place for pilots who are seeking Vanadium, Arsenic, or Yttrium. The system’s proximity to Sagittarius A* make it a good depot for FSD Boost Materials.

STUEMEAE AA-A D5171 3 B Coordinates: -27.1223 / 146.8662 Lapsang Geyser Flat Fire Silicate Geysers Found by: Cmdr Lapsang Twobob and Cmdr Alesia


The Lapsang Geyser Flat is unique on this list for having Polonium trapped in its needle crystal formations. This makes it an easy and reliable location to gather the rare material. The Silicate Geysers at the Lapsang Geyser Flat seem to cycle between a smoky and fiery appearance depending on the time of day, so a visiting Cmdr arrives may get a different experience each time they visit.

STUEMEAE AA-A D5171 3 A Red Rock Vapor Flats Coordinates: -1.9190 / 135.0137 Found by Cmdr Lapsang Twobob and Cmdr Alesia


A simple “puddle” type Silicate Geyser location on the Lapsang Geyser Flat’s binary partner.

STUEMEAE AA-A d5171 7 A A Coordinates: -7.5179 -1178597 Silicate Geysers White Mist Cove Found by Cmdr Lapsang Twobob and Cmdr Alesia


The third and final Silicate Geyser site in STUEMEAE AA-A d5171, White Mist Cove is tucked away in a tiny corner of a shallow canyon, a very easy-to-miss location if pilots flying overhead are not paying attention.

NYUENA NI-B D303 1 C A 5.5712 / 61.9348 Hade’s Crater Silicate Geysers Found by: Cmdr Alesia


Hade’s Crater is located between Sagittarius A* and Altum Sagitarri. The small impact crater sits on the edge of a nearby canyon. The crater is just deep enough to give pilots a tucked away feeling without obscuring the view. The crystals formations at Hade’s Crater will also yield Arsenic.

NYUENA JS-B D342 4 E A -2.8998 / -115.9181 Altum Silicarii Found by: Cmdr Alesia


Altum Silicarii is located in the Altum Sagittari system itself. The location features a flat landing area near the geysers themselves, making it a perfect place to have a group meeting for expeditions visiting the system. The crystal formations at Altum Silicarii will yield niobium for grade 3 FSD Boosts.

MYRIESLY JB-V D3-12708 1 -42.76 / 72.25 Hope Cove Found by: Cmdr Alesia


Hope Cove is located on the dark side of a small mountain ridge. The tidally-locked nature of the small metal-rich body means that Hope Cove will be forever just outside of the local star’s reach. The crystal formations at Hope Cove will yield niobium for FSD Boosts as well as ruthenium for Grade 3 AFM Refills.

Cmdr Alesia signing off



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