A week in Greater Colonia

The Colonia Nebula’s latest economic and political news

Guest contributor: Walter Wall
Thursday 22nd December, 3302

And A Red Horse Rode Across The Land

War has been an important feature of the news this last week, with ongoing conflicts that seem to be going nowhere and aren’t doing anyone any good.

Jaques’ Progress


Jaques’ Influence

Jaques was having a good week. He started well in his homebase andwas on the rise in all three of his satellite systems: Eol Prou LW-L C8-306, Eol Prou LW-L C8-76 and Eol Prou YD-W B17-5.  The preparation for expansion usually makes a hole in the expanding faction’s treasury, but Jaques hasn’t been playing by the rules.

On the 18th he successfully expanded into Eol Prou LW-L C8-28 (the lowest line on the chart), before his good fortune failed him and he began haemorrhaging resources.

The cause of this catastrophe? An insignificant pirate group in Eol Prou YD-W B17-1 thought it could easily take a bite out of him while he was otherwise occupied. Technically speaking, Jaques cannot fail to win this war – it’s the third day at the time of writing and he has a 17% lead – but it looks as if he’s going to have to ride this out and pay a heavy price for the privilege. Help was not forthcoming in the airless wastes.

Last Man Standing

This seems to be the objective for both participants in the unsavoury activities in Eol Prou YD-W B17-5, where the ‘Golden Hand Coalition’ and ‘Colonia Tech Combine’ have been slugging it out for ten days straight and neither side can win – as neither side has the resources left to mount a significant foothold. And yet CTC did receive what should have been a magnificent boost when members of the Militia turned out in their magnificent ships. The result of their action was somewhat less than stunning: CTC lost even more support and has struggled since to regain any sort of organised resistance. As they say in other theatres: this is set to run and run – if only either side could summon up the energy.

Visions Of A Black Horse

Riding slowly but inexorably towards failure are the ‘No Look Here Gang’ in Eol Prou LW-L C8-133 and ‘The Fire Twins’ in Eol Prou LW-L C8-138. These two criminal gangs have until recently been seen to be challenging the supremacy of the owners of their respective systems. Both have been taken down more than a peg or two and are now facing the prospect of suffering like so many failed armies throughout history. Famine approaches.

There’s A Boom Time Just Around The Corner

Surprisingly, there are several factions across Greater Colonia that are enjoying a buoyant financial climate. With explorers from the ‘Colonia Core Circuit Expedition’ returning over the next few days, system controlling factions can expect a wealth of new data, followed by wealth supplied from the bubble as that data feeds into the databases of Universal Cartographics and provides a return.

The ‘Christmas Carrier Convoy’ is also expected next week and bounties from the Community Goals should further develop local economies.

Famine? What famine?


Diva Mines


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