Cartography Report: C3E Volcanism – The Road Back to Colonia

Finally we arrive at the conclusion of this mini series.  We hope that you will enjoy the final entries into this volcanism report.


ZUNUAE PT-G d11-3519 A 5 b -77.94 / 42.18  “Kalea Cliff”


Located adjacent to a sheer cliff with a flat top the Kalea Cliff silicate geyser field offers up an excellent meeting location for wandering explorers.


ZUNUAE NQ-O C6-2141 B 1 Coordinates: -41.03 / 59.41 “Deep Holm”


Resting in a valley inside of a valley Deep Holm is nestled into the small moon’s crust while also providing a good view of the sky above.


Zunuae XF-D d13-7603 A 1 -57.36 -44.92  Found by: Cmdr Lapsang Twobob


Found in a deep crater the Zunuae XF-D d13-7603 A 1 geyser field is rather foreboding with it’s black smoke and crystals however the view of the glowing core is something to be sought after.

WEPOOE QF-I C25-3895 1 B Coordinates: 25.00 / 66.50 “Seeker’s Rest”


Growing from the side of a small plateau Seeker’s Rest is an excellent source of Ruthenium, a much needed material for grade 3 AFM refills.


WEPAE AA-X D2-9181 B 1 A Coordinates: -26.15 / 28.06 “Ant Hill Geyser Field”


Located on flat ground between two tiny canyons the Ant Hill Geyser Field proved difficult to find.  However the flat ground the geysers are growing from provides a spectacular view of the sky and ample room to land.


Screakou EW-N e6-5997 5 B Coordinates: -66.7087 / -101.1757 “Feu de la Rosé”


Found in the La vie en Rose Nebula the fiery geysers of Feu de la Rosé are a must see attraction to pilots visiting the vibrant nebula.  Featuring a basin that makes for easy landing, along with a tall mountain to climb the location can provide plenty of fun for explorers using the nebula as a waypoint.


SCEAKOU EW-N e6-5997 1 c Coordinates: 30.3299 / -161.3254 “Rose Rest”


The almost puddle like nature of Rose Rest’s geysers make them quite difficult to spot until a pilot is right on top of them.  However the Needle Crystals at the site provide valuable Polonium.


KYLOALN LU-M D8-5044  4 C Coordinates: 72.7082 / 136.2763 “The Fire Bowl”


Located in the confines of a crater, The Fire Bowl is draped in utter darkness for most of the day.  The jagged terrain will prove to make landing difficult for larger ships though it is possible.  Tens of the small Bonfires flickering away in the Abyssal Darkness will light any visiting explorer’s way while they visit.


Kyloarph ZT-N c8-1096 3 c a Coordinates: -49.4000 / 108.1874 “Ifrit Canyon”


Spattered along the side of a deep canyon formation, Ifrit Canyon provides many materials needed for FSD boosts as well as AFM refills including Ruthenium.

A happy 3303 to all pilots and good hunting.
Cmdr Alesia


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