A Week in Greater Colonia

The Colonia Nebula’s latest economic and political news

Guest contributor: Walter Wall
Thursday 5th January, 3303

Trapped by Circumstances

As it the previous week of war hadn’t been bad enough, it’s been a further tale of misery for ‘Colonia Research Division’ – a week where relief from any quarter would have been welcome. CRDiv has a controlling interest in two systems –  Eol Prou LW-L C8-133 and Eol Prou VY-R D4-443 – and has a presence in Eol Prou LW-L C8-28. Let’s take a look at what’s happened.

Eol Prou VY-R D4-443 28-Dec 04-Jan
Colonia Research Division 2.4 99.0 War
The Tang Clan 97.6 Famine 1.0 War

CRDiv has always been the highest ranking faction in this system, claiming 90% of the support at times. It was brought dramatically low the previous week by the war in
C8-28 where it fought ‘The Baddest Company’ and won.

But war takes a heavy toll on the participants. During the conflict neither side can invest in any other branch it might have in other systems, cannot defend any branch against any form of attack and cannot take advantage of normal revenue streams. As CRDiv lost support at home during the C8-28 war, ‘The Tang Clan’ seized the opportunity to build up support to the point where it could not only set up a challenge for the system, but also fight off a famine and prepare for an expansion. The expansion occurred at the turn of the year and TTC opened a branch in C8-133.

The war in D4-443 began on the same day, giving CRDiv little option but to call for help from the Militia, which was – thankfully – able to produce the overkill outcome we see today.

Eol Prou LW-L C8-133 28-Dec 04-Jan
No Look Here Gang 90.6 Boom 48.2 Expansion
Colonia Refinery Operations 5.5 11.7
Colonia Research Division 55.8 36.9
The Tang Clan 3.2

With resources locked up by another war, CRDiv inadvertently let the ‘No Look Here Gang’ recover from its recent setbacks to the point where it is also able to mount an expansion.  

And if TTC had to expand from D4-443, this is the last system that CRDiv would have liked to see it in, but with it’s hands tied, there was nothing to be done. It now has to contend with two anarchist factions and it has already started to deal with TTC by systematically reducing its influence: reduce TTC’s support enough and it will be forced to retreat. This is a tactic that may well have to be adopted by the controllers of whichever system NLHG moves into.

Concerns have been raised however. It’s quite possible for the lines representing the decline of NLHG and the rise of CRDiv will cross to trigger yet another war, a conflict that nobody wants but which may be inevitable.

A Return To Form?

We have been rather scathing about the exploits of the Militia in recent weeks, with little support left on the home front during the Colonia Christmas Convoy. CRDiv has certainly benefitted this week from a reinvigorated police force and we’re more than sure all the other law-abiding cooperatives are just as glad to see the return in strength of the team in green. It’s a happy new year for some – let’s hope it will be for all.

Photographs by Cmdr Qohen Leth, used with permission.


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