Christmas Carriers Convoy Sets Off In Seasonal Style

Last night, in a truly momentous event, 500 pilots packed their holds, gathered a few belongings and embarked on an epic exodus to Colonia.

The reasons for such a mass-movement are many – the main being the provision of vital supplies to the new Colony. But for whatever reason, so many setting out for a new start so far away is a huge undertaking for all concerned.


The fleets assemble (Pic: Cmdr Electrikcat)

The pilots of the Christmas Carriers Convoy (CCC) gathered at the designated launch system, codenamed Miami, at 18:00 last night. They were then winged into squads by Cmdrs acting as ‘beacons’–each mini-fleet of carrier vessels protected by heavily-armed fighter escorts–and seven mass jumps took place in quick succession towards the designated destination system.

Each fleet stayed together while passing through further checkpoints along the way, until safely out into deep space; all systems codenamed to minimise the risk of unwelcome attention from pirates.


All pilot life is here (Pic: Cmdr SgtGlory)

The Christmas Carriers Convoy is the brainchild of Commander Qohen Leth, who spoke to the Gazette.

“It started as a joke. At the end of September I imagined a freighter expedition flying towards Colonia as Santas, bringing presents to the Colonists. And so was born the core concept of the CCC. But I never thought we’d persuade 500 pilots to fly heavy ships, most with uncomfortable jump ranges, all the way out to Colonia.

“I personally just feel a sense of huge relief,” he went on. “I spent the day leading up to the launch in a state of complete nervousness. But due to the efforts of all the people who helped at so many levels, it has been a complete success.”


Carriers and Escorts (Pic: Cmdr Fractal Shard)

Many pilots are believed to be hauling rare items in order to contribute to an initiative which will see several new factions take control of their own planetary bases in Colonia. But many are simply searching; searching for a new life, free from the ongoing sabre-rattling of the Powers and the ever-present attention of pirates; for friendship in a frontier founded on the principle of peace and collaboration; for a place they truly belong, and can be proud to call home.


Ready to go (Pic: Cmdr TroTro)


2 thoughts on “Christmas Carriers Convoy Sets Off In Seasonal Style

  1. this is a very nice article!
    when i heard of the christmas carriers convoy i thought it was a wonderful idea and it motivated me to do my first long exploration
    many thanks to all the people that helped arrange this and who participate in this event, especially Qohen Leth…very impressive job!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the kind comment! Being part of this myself – Big Up Beacon 6 – was a truly wonderful experience, went so smoothly and I met loads of new Cmdrs who I’m sure I will bump into again once we’re all finally home.


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