Cartography Report: The Amano Nebula

The Amano Nebula (Agnairt LN-T e3-550) is located 2,898,39 ly from Colonia and is in close proximity to the Agnairt LN-T e3-3751 Nebula.  It’s purples and deep blues provide visitors with a well earned sightseeing location and was submitted to the stellar naming board by Cmdr Jason Thorpe.


The main black hole of the Amano Nebula has several large bodies orbiting it, most of which have small moons including a ringed moon that orbits a ringed brown dwarf.  The dark nature of the system along with ample landing locations only enhances the already striking colors of the nebula and makes this a great stop for any aspiring explorers.


Cmdr Alesia signing off


In-game photographs by Cmdr Jason Thorpe


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