PaX officially applies for membership to the CCN

Since our colonies’ inception we’ve had an ever increasing amount of interest from a number of factions seeking a new home in Colonia and combined with the recent community goal – various groups are now able to begin the process of establishing their own roots here – in the far reaches of the galactic core. In addition to the various groups already established in the human bubble, a fair few new groups have also formed to stake a claim in Colonia, either as completely new endeavours, or as a collective of formerly separate factions.

One of these factions is the recently formed “PaX” short for “Pioneers and eXplorers” who have sent us the following information regarding their motivations for the founding of this new group.

“As the word about the colonization of a new region spread the desire for founding a common organization in the colony rose as well. A discussion between the EoT (Explorer on Tour) and the UGC (United German Commanders) started and caught the attention of other communities that – like these two factions – still cultivate the ancient German language from central Europe of old earth.”

To cement this effort, they agreed to form a brand new independent faction, quickly agreeing that the pillars of the new collective should be both Freedom and Peace. These established foundations echo closely with the original founding principles of our own CCN and will certainly be most welcome amongst our already established colonists.

“PaX serves as an expression for peace and is the embodiment for the Pioneers and Xplorers. We seek to be part of the colony and support the CCN in the best way possible.”

We eagerly await their arrival and look forward to greeting them and the many others set to arrive shortly.

Image courtesy of Cmdr Qohen Leth, used with permission.


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