In a striking series of announcements, three well-known groups have agreed to participate in the Colonia Militia Forces (CMF).

The League of Star Pilots (LOSP), the Iridium Wing and the mysterious Children of Raxxla all pledged their support within hours of each other, the Gazette is led to understand.

The LOSP is a French-speaking coalition of independent pilots committed to mutual protection and loyalty. Alex Ringess, Flight Leader of the LOSP’s detachment to Jaques, had this to say today:

“What we are doing here in the Colonia Nebula demonstrates that it is possible to coexist and cooperate in peace, despite allegiance. This is made clear by the Colonia Citizens Network (CCN) in general but is even more visible in the Colonia Militia, where factions supporting the Empire and the Alliance have agreed to put aside their differences to defend the colonisation effort.

“The LOSP, which is a strong advocate of cooperation between peoples and peace between factions, is already engaged in CCN through the Colonia Nebula Project. In the Colonia Militia we will strive to promote the spirit of the motto that unites all our members: one for all, all for one.”



Cmdr Ringess’ sentiments were mirrored by Cmdr Wintercharm of the Iridium Wing:

“I hope that the colony becomes a safe harbor of pilots who care for one another. A more tightly knit community that shares a smaller bubble of space.”

The Iridium Wing is a highly respected group of accomplished combat pilots who are renowned for providing escort services to the exploration community. It is believed that their expertise will be a valuable asset for the Militia.


The Iridium Wing

The Colonia Militia Forces is the joint peacekeeping force tasked with protecting the independence and wellbeing of the Colonists. Initially set up by pilots who took part in August’s Jaunt to Jaques expedition, it has since broadened to welcome all military groups who would seek to establish a presence in the Colonia Nebula. While some explorers have expressed reservations about armed units being stationed at Jaques, others have hailed the CMF as an important force for cooperation and peace, and a marked contrast to the factional struggles that characterise the civilisations many Colonists have left behind.

Cmdr Jellicoe of the Children of Raxxla neatly summed this up when the Gazette spoke to him earlier today:

“This force is a vital step forward to providing security on a cooperative basis rather than the authority-based structures of the core worlds. Many are coming together but none will dominate.”


The Children of Raxxla

The Colonia Militia Forces now comprise over fifty pilots from six cooperating factions. Several LOSP and Children of Raxxla pilots have already entered the Colonia Militia with more to follow, whereas we understand that the Iridium Wing plan to send a detachment to the Militia over the coming months.


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