Cartography Report : Issuance 06 : Céimnithe Nebula

Travel Advisory:  The central star of Kyloarph DV-Y e4134 is a neutron star – pilots are advised to zero their throttles on jump.

Kyloarph DV-Y e4134, otherwise known as the Céimnithe Nebula, is a deep blue planetary nebula located 2,813.36ly from Jaques Station.  Varying between light and dark blues to even purples the nebula provides quite the sight for visiting pilots.


With the system dotted with landfall moons and high metal content planets orbiting the far-flung stars of the system, the Céimnithe Nebula offers it’s visitors ample room to explore and seek photo opportunities for those back home.  Another one of the many jewels dotted around the Colonia Nebula to be sure.

Commander Alesia signing off, CCN Exploration Wing.



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