The Starport Folio Week 2: Fall Fever

Sparks here! Glad to present another edition of the Starport Folio.

If you want to contribute to the Starport Folio and share your work,  feel free to message me – I go by the name Cmdr 5parkles. Thank you and enjoy this week’s edition of the Starport Folio. Explore. Create. Inspire.

Devil’s Paradise


System: Eol Prou PC-K c9-107
Distance from Colonia: 18.51 light years
Discovered by: Cmdr H347H
Photography Credit: Cmdr Bob Dobilina

Only a single jump from Colonia we have a volcanic ringed planet. Submitted by Cmdr Bob Dobilina, who took this image while collecting minerals for Jaques. Bob had decided to assist in the extraction of Colonia’s resources in hopes of expanding the currently available range of ships and modules.

“I wanted to help in the expansion of Colonia and its currently-available ships. So I took a break from exploration and decided to try my hand with some mining. Collection was going great but when I looked towards the sun I couldn’t help but let my exploration instincts take control and had to take this photo. It was just such a beautiful sight.”

Ring Of Fire

System: Eol Prou VO-Q d5-193 9A Ring
Distance from Colonia: 143.74 light years
Discovered by: Bob Dobilina
Photography Credit: Bob Dobilina

At the mining sites near Jaques Station I met Cmdr Bob Dobilina again. I have yet to see an Orca in Colonia, let alone a mining Orca, so I questioned him about his motives for bringing that ship:

“I never planned on taking a trip to visit Colonia, but when I heard about the profits one could be making there from mining I just couldn’t pass up such a opportunity. Although when making the decision to come here I realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford transporting another ship to Jaques and couldn’t stomach the idea of leaving behind my Orca. So instead I outfitted her for the best possible jump range, made the trip, and, well, here I am!”

Jaques Station

System: Eol Prou RS-T D3-94
Distance from Colonia: 0 light year
Discovered by: Cly
Photography Credit: Cmdr .Stryker.

A perfect distance from Jaques Station, this shot makes it appear a similar size to the ringed gas giant behind it. Submitted by Cmdr .Stryker. of the CCN Exploration Wing.

What a Waterful World

System: Eol Prou US-J C9 130
Distance from Colonia: 93.71 light years
Discovered by: Cmdr Mr Crown Vic
Photography Credit: Cmdr BranchesOfSins

Cmdr Crown Vic said he had the location of a system with an Earth-like planet less than a hundred light years out from Colonia, although he did not have any images. I decided to track it down myself.

When I found the system, I realized there was this water world as well that Cmdr Crown Vic hadn’t mentioned.

Casper’s World


System: Unknown
Distance from Colonia: 3,000-4,000 light years
Discoverer: Cmdr Mr Crown Vic
Photography Credit: Cmdr Mr Crown Vic

This is in a system between Colonia and the Bubble. Although not the most visually arresting picture here, the story behind it was interesting and worth sharing:

“While heading there, I had a system malfunction and needed materials to repair my frameshift drive. During my search I came across this ghostly planet and decided to visit it, taking many photos in the process. Unfortunately I didn’t note down the system but I decided to name it Casper’s World, a planet unlikely to ever be seen again.”

That’s it for this week’s Starport Folio! Thanks for checking it out and I’ll see you all in next week’s edition, which will feature five Earth-like planets all within a couple hundred light years from Colonia.

Till next week, Sparks out.


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