​Colonia Highway Outposts Completed

The six new settlements planned and constructed over the past month by Latugara PLC have been formally opened.

The stations, which are all planetary outposts, will be seen as crucial oases for those attempting the vast journey from the Bubble to Colonia.

Until now, there have been no waypoints between our colony and the birthplace of humanity – meaning the 22,000 light year journey had to be undertaken with no hope of receiving repairs or support. One of the largest impediments to further development of our society in has been the difficulties inherent in bringing essential supplies here. With these new outposts, this formidable journey is now much easier.


The Colonia Highway

The joint venture between Latugara PLC–the publicly-owned corporation responsible for the stations’ construction–and the Colonia Council represents the largest investment in infrastructure by the nascent Colonial government to date.


Gagarin Gate

“These new outposts will, quite simply, revolutionise what it means to be a Colonial Citizen,” said Dalilah Williams of the Colonia Council. “They represent the essential links with our friends in the Bubble, and raise the prospect of the first real long-range shipping lanes to Colonia.

“My family were amongst those freed at Jaques Station by the Twin Candles pilots during the Jaunt to Jaques. If you had said to me those few short months ago that we would have achieved this, I would have laughed.”


Polo Harbour

According to the arrangement with Latugara PLC, the Colonia Council will manage and control all six new outposts. This will no doubt be seen as a significant fillip to the Council, who count many former slaves amongst their number.


Hillary Depot

The Gazette understands that the new stations will serve as the stops along the route for December’s monumental Christmas Carriers Convoy. The Convoy is already set to comprise eighty different vessels, with six weeks to go before the scheduled departure. The new outposts will certainly receive heavy use when the merchant fleet arrives at each in turn this December.

Images courtesy of Erimus Kamzel. 

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